The ecohome is a project which has been funded by ourselves along with our partners Seven Locks Housing and Harborough District Council and has involved the input of many of our partners (Severn Trent Water, De Montfort University and Transition Town Market Harborough) throughout the project so far. Seven Locks Housing agreed to retrofit one of their semi-detached properties as an example project. The house was designed to be Replicable and Resident focussed as well as showing how we can Reduce energy use, water use and costs (the three R’s). Seven Locks Tenants have now moved into their home and will be sharing how the features of this home can help a normal family to reduce the cost of their energy and water bills. The tenants are also provided with support and guidance from Sustainable Harborough on how behaviour changes can make an impact on both their bills as well as their carbon footprint. The tenant will also be keeping you all updated on what it is like to live in an ecohome in her blog Ecohome Life.

The next stages in this project will be working with volunteers to create an ecohome friendly garden that can be used as an example to show how an environmentally friendly garden can be incorporated into family life.

Sustainable Harborough will also be running Market Harborough’s first Green Open Doors event in 2014 where the ecohome will open its doors along with other homes with environmental features across Harborough.

If you are interested in volunteering as part of the garden renovations or are interested in opening your home as part of the Green Open Doors event then please contact us.



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November 17, 2013