Community Owned Energy Generation group

Community Owned Energy Generation group

Sustainable Harborough’s Community Owned Energy Generation group was formed to promote community-owned renewable energy generation in the town and district. The group wants social or cooperative enterprises to develop so they can generate green electricity or heat. A core cooperative society, Harborough Energy, has been established to serve the needs of the projects which would each have their own community benefit societies (CBSs) and will make share offerings. The Community Energy Generation group is one of the projects that arose from Sustainable Harborough’s Energy Forum public meeting in January 2014. The steering group has members from local businesses and public bodies.

The group is considering a list or ‘pipeline’ of possible projects around the district.

Already it has obtained funding for a feasibility study to look at implementing an anaerobic digestion (AD) project, to generate heat and electricity from food waste, reducing the impact of food waste while generating renewable heat and electricity.

Additionally, the group completed a study into the viability of putting PV (photo-voltaic, or solar electric) panels on a public building in the town and is in negotiation with a local company to install PV which is likely to become the subject of the first community share offer later in the year.

If you or your business or organisation would like to be involved in Harborough Energy, please ring Denise Marsdon at Sustainable Harborough on 01858 466207 or email




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October 29, 2014