You might be familiar with the pledge-o-meter that has been housed on our website’s front page. Now to make space on our website for the many events and activities that Sustainable Harborough are involved with, we have taken it down. If you have made a pledge over the past 4 years, it remains here.

In the time since the project started we have changed from asking people to pledge support and tell us about it, to working with people to support the development of projects and enterprises. So if you are looking to develop a new project; you want to work with us to help your friends and neighbours to pledge support; or you are interested in helping with an existing area of our work and wish to develop your skills – please get in touch, we would love to work with you, see our ‘Get Involved’ page.

Thinking of taking up a new activity in 2017? Have you decided on ditching an old habit or generally want to commit to a new greener lifestyle? Well of course you still can. But instead of using our pledge-o-meter we’d suggest writing it down and sticking it somewhere you might see it every day – such as on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or on your kitchen notice board.

Popular examples that other people have already committed to include deciding to cut down on car miles and air miles. Several people who work less than a mile from work have pledged to walk whenever possible. Others have pledged to give up bacon, canned soft drinks, bottled water and even chocolate!

Small changes can make a difference – so what habit do you have that could make a difference to the environment around you?

Write it down so you’ll see your decision every day. If you want to share the message, why not put it on your Facebook page to tell the world?