A co-operative set up to provide affordable, renewable energy projects in and around Market Harborough has completed its first fully functioning solar installation at a nearby academy. Harborough Energy has overseen the installation of 57kW solar panels spread across the four roofs at Woodnewton Academy in Corby. The installation is part of the innovative Harborough Solar One project that aims to show how everyone can benefit from community owned solar schemes: investors, building owners and the community alike. The academy will benefit from lower energy costs while community investors are set to receive a five per cent annual return. All profits taken from the scheme will go towards supporting causes in Market Harborough such as providing affordable energy to vulnerable households.


“We are delighted with the way the installation process has gone and are very pleased to be involved with this exciting project. We hope that this acts as a catalyst for many more installations locally,” says Ellen Wallace from Woodnewton Academy.

Solar installations are on the rise in schools, academies and colleges across the UK. The Harborough Solar One project has enabled Woodnewton Academy to feel the financial benefits with no upfront cost. Harborough Solar One has been organised by Harborough Energy with support from volunteers and Sustainable Harborough.

Harborough Energy would like to hear from any businesses or schools who would be interested in hosting solar panels for the scheme. Whether it’s something you might be interested in now or in the future, please contact Denise Marsdon at info@harboroughenergy.co.uk

There are already a number of new sites planned for the Harborough area with the next one due to be installed within the next few weeks.