Sustainable Harborough - a 5 year story

We enjoyed a successful 5 years developing community enterprises and projects in the Market Harborough area. Despite our funding coming to an end this year, our work continues through our many fantastic people and 
businesses that we have been fortunate enough to work with to establish new community enterprise models such a Harborough Energy, Taste Harborough, Edible16, Waterloo Cottage Farm Community Garden.

This legacy website allows you to explore the work we feel privileged to have been involved and in due course, we will be letting you all know what comes next and how to keep in touch with all things sustainable in Harborough.

A big thank you for all of your support.


Our Sustainability Projects

Energy Projects

Energy Projects

Food Projects

Food Projects

Wildlife Projects

Wildlife Projects

Whether you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, or doing your bit for the environment doesn’t really matter – what does matter is working together to support families who can’t afford to live comfortably, businesses who want to support their local producers and people investing their hard earned time, effort and money in the place where they live.

Some of our upcoming events are listed below, along with initiatives and news we hope will be interesting.

Project end reporting – Sustainable Harborough

To close the Sustainable Harborough project, we have produced some reports that summarise what has been achieved over the course of the five years. The reports tell a story of what, with your support, has happened since our launch and we hope that they help to...

Blockchain – will it transform our relationship with energy?

Denise Marsdon of Harborough Energy explains this exciting new development: Well, I suspect most of us have not actually heard of Blockchain but it’s something that has the potential to change the way energy is transacted.  It offers opportunities for consumers and...

When the moon is in the Seventh House…

This IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  A technological step-change in innovation in how we generate, distribute and use electricity is underway. The Grid is groaning; distribution network operators are desperately seeking management solutions.  The rapid...

Weekend events at Waterloo Community Garden

If you've been wanting to come along to Waterloo Community Garden but can't make our weekday Action Days, we have several weekend dates for your diary! Sunday 7th May, 11am-2pm: We are planning a relaxing Sunday gardening session. In addition to gardening activities,...

Proud of Market Harborough

Market Harborough tops State of the Town sustainability report which analysed the sustainability of Market Harborough as a town and comparing it with similar places in the UK.

Just some of the results from the independent report on Market Harborough:

Highest score in inclusive and safe domain category

High levels of satisfaction and quality of life

The most sustainable of the towns surveyed

Good levels of economic activity

Statistics taken from:

Office of National Statistics
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